Leave Behind Piece

I recently created a new piece that I could send out for marketing purposes or use as a take away for events.  Here is the front and back of it. 


I recently created a image that is based off of Bobby Fischer chess tournament with a twist. Its of a young girl competing against a college age boy. I really enjoy creating lighting that adds drama. The lighting really is what makes this image interesting.

Child Prodigy

Child Prodigy


I have really been enjoying some of the alternative processes. Cyanotypes is a process that uses a solution of iron compounds. This is a process from the 1800's and has not changed much. The process is made of two solutions that you mix equal parts and then it can be painted on paper or fabric, basically anything that is absorbent.  Then you place a negative that can be film or created from digital images on the paper.  You expose it in the sun or a uv lamp then rinse it in water. The darks in the negative are blue and the highlights are white.

Fruit Head

My Niece has a obsession with fruit. If she was allowed to that is all she would eat. I decided to create a image of her with fruit on her head. The first one that I created was a strawberry head. I have recently decided to create a series of her with many different fruits. This is just a beginning for what I have planned. 

Pinhole Camera

Recently I experimented with a pinhole camera. I created it with a Altoids tin. I drilled a hole in it and then painted the inside black. Then I took a piece of aluminum and poked a small hole in it and then taped it over the hole that I drilled. I then loaded RC paper in it and put it up for two weeks. Here are the results. The top one is the negative that I scanned on a flat bed scanner. The bottom one was inverted in photoshop. The interesting thing is the colors that you get on black and white paper.


Recently I have been experimenting with some alternative processes. One that I really enjoyed was Chromascedasiks. It is also known as a chemigram. This is a process that you first expose and develop a print for about a minute and then rinse in water, then you paint a thin layer of stabilizer on. After a while you paint activator in places where dark browns are desired. Then paint so Eco Pro solution on. Then you rinse stop and fix the print. If you do more then one of these of the same print they will never be the same. You can see this in these two prints I created.

The story of Grace

For one of my latest projects I created a video of a wonderful lady named Grace. I'm grateful that I have met her because she is so kind and if you are feeling down she will always try to make you feel better. She always is very encouraging towards everyone. She is a photographer and a artist and this video shows how a art form can be soothing and help people that struggle with a illness.